Tablets of parasites in the human body broad spectrum

It is difficult to say why a variety of parasitic organisms find the ideal home within the human body. But their presence has a negative impact on the health of the organs and systems of the human body.


Their waste products cause toxicity and various diseases. During discovered helminthic infestation to avoid the complications, if immediately begins to take an anthelmintic means.

An overview of effective tools

At the pharmacy on the net a large number of antiparasitic funds with an expanded range of impact. The doctor may prescribe one of them, trying to clean the body of the patient on the basis of various types of worms.

Doctors divide these tools into two major classes:

  • vegetable (natural). They are herbal. They are relatively quick to remove the worms, without causing damage to the stomach and the liver;
  • synthetic. Products pharmacology, development of the human mind. They paralyze the muscles and nerves of worms and destroy them at the cellular level. Tend to be able to cope with any kind of worms.

In addition to herbal, folk remedies, and in addition should carefully consider pills generic actions. Does not hurt if it will appoint an experienced physician and the patient should strictly follow his recommendations.

Generic drugs

Pyrantel (even taking into account this group Discussed, Helmintox, and Nemocid). You can use to cure trichuriasis, enterobiasis, hookworm, necatorosis.


Is necatoroz, ascariasis, enterobiasis, trihozefalez, hookworm morbidity.

The regularity of food intake and the dose that the doctor selects individually. Take an average of 3 tablets per day. Duration of therapy also is considered individually, depending on the neglect of the disease.

Vermoxum (Mebendazole and, Meback, Telmoks, Parasites, Telmoks 100)

Often prescribed to patients with enterobiasis. Mixed helminthiasis, are the force, including:

  • hookworm morbidity;
  • trihozefalez;
  • stron-heroides;
  • taeniasis;
  • ascariasis;
  • trichinosis.

These drugs are primarily excreted from the body of the patient. Dose calculated according to patient age and body mass. As a general rule, the tablets are taken once.

Dekaris (Levamisol)

Very strong in the fight against ascariasis. But dale and helminths with the following titles:

  • necatoroz;
  • trichostrongyloidea;
  • strongyloidiasis;
  • hookworm morbidity.

It alters the metabolism in the body of worms and causes paralysis in their bodies. At the same time, the drug reinforces the protection of the functions of the human body. It is taken 1 hour before you go to sleep.

Aten (Grandad, Biomechan, Niclosamide, Restituit, Determin)

Cause paralysis of tapeworms (nan and cattle had). Doctors prescribed when diagnosed: vulputate had infectio, difillobotrioz, gimenolepidoz. Each patient is treated in a scheme.

But this does not mean that you can keep them to treat yourself or your loved ones. Therapy selected by the physician helminthologia. He looks at the severity of the disease and the peculiarities of the age of the patient, taking into account the contraindications and intolerance to the components of the preparation.

The best medication>

All kinds of drugs to combat helminths, accept only according to the prescription and supervision of a doctor. Specialist in the analysis of the class of helminths with the following characteristics:

  • the life in the human body;
  • its influence on the immune system,
  • the manifestation of allergies or toxic reactions.

Opisthorchiasis and giardiasis require strict adherence to guidelines of treatment. It is impossible to name the best drugs against parasites for humans. It all depends on various factors, so that people of different age, state of health, idiosyncrasy, etc.

The most frequent guests, both children and adults are nematodes (worms).

The best drugs to combat it are:

  1. Vermis and Nematol, occur in the forms of tablets chewable and suspension. Albendazole – the active ingredient of these drugs. Their action affects the metabolism of the parasites and they die.
  2. Dekaris. Levamisole, is part paralyzes the muscles of worms.
  3. Parasites and Vermoxum smite the worms contained mebendazole, which destroys the glucose in the bodies of parasites. The worms are killed.

Fenasala performed well in defeat you had. It destroys their ability to resist the flora of the intestinal tract, it is digested. Nematol paralyzes the muscles of worms.

Worms-flukes can not resist the action of praziquantel tablets. This causes muscle spasm and paralysis of the parasite. The drug Azinoks produces the destruction of integument helminth.

If helminthic infestation discovered in a child, it is possible to use these medications:


Affects worms. It paralyzes nerves and muscular activity of helminth. Thoroughly chew the pill and swallow. The dose is prescribed according to age:

3-6 years – 1 tablet;

From 6 to 12 years, 2 tablets;

12 or more years – 3 tablets.


Produced in the form of suppositories and suspensions. Prescribed for the detection of intestinal worms. Its action is directed to the violation of metabolism in the parasites of different ages. The dose depends on the age of the patient:

1-2 years – 5 ml single dose suspension;

More than 2 years – 10 ml.


It is vegetable-based and is available in suppository form. Several directions of its activities:

  • remove the maggots from the body of the patient;
  • eliminates the inflammation of the accumulation of worms;
  • establishing digestive function;
  • normalizes intestinal flora.

The Ingredients of this medication are: tansy, wormwood, garlic, buckthorn bark and milk Thistle oil. Prescribed for three rectal administration through the rectum, previously having to clean it naturally or with an enema.


Better to use candles when the worms settle in the intestines. This method is more gentle that the treatment with tablets or suspension. After the drugs kill the parasites, the doctor prescribes medicines, the Allergy warning.

Nigella Sativa

Anthelmintic, is available in suppository form. In addition to the control of parasites, leading to normal sugar content, performs the cleaning of the blood and increases the body's defenses. Consists of adipose stem and black seed oil. Assigned patients 6 years and above, with the detection of any type of worms. Apply in the morning and before going to sleep with clean intestines.

Children medication is produced in the form of syrups or drops. On their list are:

  • Aerius;
  • Loratadin;
  • Sugentem;
  • Sirtex;
  • Zodak.

These drugs are not very expensive in cost and are present in almost all pharmacy. But the accessibility is not a reason to avoid the advice of a doctor. Because we first have to identify what type of penetrating helminth.


In some cases, prophylactics for worms medicines?

  1. The child is constantly in contact with children of other families.
  2. Job hunting or fishing.
  3. Trips to exotic countries.
  4. Life close to animals.
  5. A lot of land.

A worthy substitute of pharmaceutical products will be the following plants: onion, garlic, pumpkin seeds, and wormwood.


Cut an onion of medium size, pour 0.2 liters of boiling water and let stand 12 hours. Then strain and drink twice a day, half a Cup at a time. The procedure is carried out for 5 days.


Taken in decoction. For this conciderunt grass in the amount of 1 tablespoon pour boiling water. Let stand for 6 hours, a half Cup of broth to cleanse the intestine by making an enema.This procedure is repeated at night 6 days in a row.


In a glass of hot milk coctum to load a large head of garlic. Ulcus it in the milk until smooth. The milk to cool and drain. Half a Cup of broth to use for your day-to-day enema, the therapy has a duration of 7 days.
Pumpkin seeds
To eat with an empty stomach, 200 grams of pumpkin seeds and take a laxative. This should be done 1 hour a week, repeat the next week.

If signs of helminthic infestation are not observed, observed a few simple rules:

  • the cleaning of the housing;
  • use to eat well before processing;
  • tap water is not drinking;
  • bed linen, clothes of ferrum iron;
  • to wash hands when returning home and before eating;
  • fruits and vegetables always wash.


Of course, people write comments and they are purely human concern, the advice to the other that the drug or a method that effectively helped them. However, keep in mind that your body is unique, and the degree of perception of the elements contained in different drugs that each person has their own. Therefore, if it was possible to identify helminth without the doctor, but the treatment and the medication-only select a specialist.